Our Vision

By the grace of God, we will be a nurturing Christian family where all persons will experience, through each of us, the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We at Greenwood Memorial United Methodist Church are called to be faithful disciples, faithful stewards and teachers of the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ, within Greenwood and beyond. We surrender ourselves to be shaped and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit.

About Us

Greenwood Memorial United Methodist Church is located is located in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The church and its adjacent parsonage were built as a pair to accommodate the needs of a congregation which has been in continuous ministry since 1869. Considered a "fixture" in the community, the church is recognized for its active support of and participation in an urban community, one in great need of economic revitalization and development.

Greenwood Shalom Outreach Community, Inc provides services through its After School and Summer Enrichment Program. The mission of Greenwood Shalom Outreach Community, Inc is to work with children, parents, and young adults within the community to guide them in achieving, to the fullest extent possible, their God-given potential. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where we will attend to the spiritual, educational, physical, and social needs of children, parents and young adults. We believe in working in partnership with parents and the community to better equip children, youth, and their families to become productive members of society and to encourage and support parents in their own personal growth and development. The After School and Summer Program are licensed to serve 49 children ages 5-14 (to 16 special needs) each session. 94% of our students have vouchers or depend on the program to provide scholarships. 27% are special needs.